Proposed PhD topics

Our research programme focuses on three different perspectives of social media: the individual ‘user’, the ‘system’ as the technical social media platform with its functionality and applications, and the ‘crowd’ as the set of individual users connected through social media. In this context, we propose the following PhD Topics. 

Topics proposed for DAAD scholarships starting in 2019

Open User Models in Social Media

Organizational Use of Social Media


Topics proposed for PhD students starting in 2018

User-oriented topics

Cognitive group awareness tools for collaborative knowledge construction

Digital identities – Perceived benefits and costs of divulging personal information

Fake News distribution and correction – How can users be reached who are motivated to believe Fake News?

Understanding the algorithms of privacy risks - What mental model do users have of algorithms threatening their privacy and how can these be made transparent?

System-oriented topics

Trustworthiness in and for social media

Argumentative Rationales for Recommendations based on Social Media Data

Crowd-oriented topics

Detecting Malicious Nodes in Social Networks

Handling Uncertainty when Analysing and Observing Social Media

Social Bots and Algorithms in Social Media Communication

Individual Differences in the Perception of Hate Speech